We feel sustainability should be built into a business.
We are a sustainable resale business and we specialise in the resale, and takeback, of seconds – which means diverting clothing and footwear otherwise classed as waste from potential landfill, and assisting retailers and brands to reach their zero waste to landfill targets.

So, how are we helping our suppliers to do this?

We’re leading the charge…

We resold 20,000+ pairs of our clients’ sub-prime shoes in 2023 via our own eBay platform

We resold 15,000+ units of our clients’ sub-prime garments and other merchandise in 2023 via our own eBay platform

We have worked hard to increase the amount we are taking and reselling, growing by a whopping 30% year-on-year

We are proud to be an operational partner with eBay

We donated 8,000 items to charitable causes between 2021 and 2024

We are delighted to be working alongside JD Sports as a sustainable partner

We’re working with the retail industry…

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has to mitigate an astronomical amount of waste on an annual basis.

Sub-prime, returned and seconds stock isn’t always able to be re-sold and as a result is often incinerated or disposed of because of very minor flaws. In fact it’s estimated that 350,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfill and over 300 million pairs of footwear are thrown into landfill.

By carving a new niche for the resale side of branded products, not only do we help to reduce waste for our supplier by solving the sub-prime stock issue, we also extend the life of products in a responsible manner, and give consumers the ability to shop sustainably for quality branded products.

“There’s a way of making a more responsible choice and through our business, we have paved the way for brands big and small to make that change.

Our Sustainable
Development Goals

We are proud to be working towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. So far, we have achieved five of the key goals within our sector and in 2024 we are working hard to meet the sixth.

Through our purchase scheme we are able to help you achieve your objectives too!


“Over the last few years we have seen a rise in the need for a service based around clothing and products that retailers are specifically unable to resell on.”

Our ethos is always giving seconds a second chance and this is perfectly represented in our shop. We work directly with suppliers and retailers across all season selling products that need a little bit of love to get them where they need to be.