We feel sustainability should be built into a business. We specialise in the resale of seconds – which means diverting clothing and footwear otherwise classed as waste from potential landfill, and assisting retailers and brands to reach their zero waste to landfill targets.

We are proud to be working towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. So far, we have achieved four of the key goals within our sector and in 2021 we are working hard to meet two more. Through our purchase scheme we are able to help you achieve your objectives!

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We’re leading the charge…

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has to mitigate an astronomical amount of waste on an annual basis.

Subprime, returned and seconds stock isn’t always able to be re-sold and as a result is often incinerated or disposed of because of very minor flaws. In fact it’s estimated that 350,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfill and over 300 million pairs of footwear are thrown.

However, there’s a way of making a more responsible choice and through our business, we have paved the way for brands big and small to make that change.

We love giving seconds a second chance and in the process we have saved hundreds of thousands of pieces of clothing and footwear going to landfill. The reason? Well to put it simply, there’s no second chance for our planet and so as a business we are committed to making that change, however small it is to start with, our aim is to make the change.

Fixing fashion

Our mission is to work with the fashion and retail industry one pair of trainers and piece of clothing at a time.
We shine a spotlight on the sustainability ethos of global fashion retailers helping them save money and unnecessary time, labour and admin associated with the process of getting rid of seconds or unusable items of clothing and footwear.

Giving back

Not just a circular economy pioneer, Sole Responsibility is also firmly committed to supporting charitable courses by pledging around 10 percent of our stock to charity annually. We want to be a business that not only has a feel-good factor but does good on-the-ground work too, so we help a multitude of charities by pledging our stock – like highgrade boots and warm coats – to those who are homeless across the UK.

Our eco-promise

We don’t claim to be perfect yet but we’re making headway in all areas. We ensure all packaging is recycled and all consumers receive our products in recycled bags. We aim to minimize our waste and ensure that we always act in a responsible manner.

“Our business offers retailers a new model that allows us to make a sharp break in the usual linear economy and stop the unnecessary disposal of clothing and footwear.

By buying products that would have been disposed of and selling them to consumers who may not be able to afford branded products or want to show their commitment to a sustainable way of shopping, we are extending the life of these high quality items that can be worn for years to come.”

Simon Payne

Co-founder & Managing Director

Our timeline

Find out more about the beginnings our company and our achievements to date by scrolling through the years…

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Life at Sole Responsibility was started by two parents in 2014 who wanted to carve out a new business which would allow more time at home with their children.

That didn’t exactly go to plan initially because as anyone who has started a business from scratch will know – it actually entails, blood, sweat, little sleep, a few tears and years of hard graft!

We often wandered around carboots and markets to select stock to sell on our eBay store.

From there, we started to have conversations with retailers who had surplus or returned stock that we knew our customers would love.

In 2015 we moved our business operations from our home to an old warehouse to grow the business.

We decorated the entire office ourselves after work into the small hours over four awfully long nights but it was worth it because we could use our house for living again.

Our husband and wife team of two became NINE as we employed more staff.

We also have a dog named Custard who enjoys being a part of the team.

Together we have saved 70,000 (and counting) pairs of unworn branded trainers from landfill or incineration.
We’ve donated have donated 4,000 coats to the homeless in Manchester over Christmas.

Our company has grown 40% year-on-year.

Sole Responsibility has since expanded to larger premises in Halifax, nurturing our team and growing our business further.

2020 has been a year of major disruption, challenge and change. If it’s taught us anything, it’s that sometimes change can be good.

Reevaluating what we deem necessary and what we value has shifted, we’ve learned to slow down and assess the ethics behind our consumption.

Our 2021 aim is to raise awareness of the problem weighing down the fashion industry while making it clear to consumers that they can make eco-conscious choices, saving money at the same time.