A plastic free future?… Watch out for the little things

As we all move towards a better and more plastic free future, it is the little things that are the most surprising. At the Sole Responsibility offices in Halifax we are working our way around the company to see what we can do better and what we can do best.

In a slightly boring fashion we are now working on how we can best tackle plastic products in the kitchen and lunch area. We are finding that most basic containers for sugar, tea bags and coffee are all plastic. Even the coating on knives, and forks, and even the cleaning brush for the plates is solid plastic. When we have investigated more, we have found that all staff members who bring in lunch do also use a plastic container for their lunch.

So the change starts now… we have made an active effort to start and replace the little things. Going forwards we will be ensuring that not only we will offer to replace the lunchboxes for all staff to a bamboo and glass alternative or a BPA free substitute. We will be making sure that the milk comes from the Milk man is a glass bottle. We would be interested to hear yours stories from the office of how changes are being made. Feel free to contact us today.