SoleResponsibility are a family-run business based in the North of England. The ‘family’ mentality runs throughout the operation with flexible working for staff and a family-centred approach.

Ex-display stock isn’t always viable to be resold in large amounts within the prime footwear market, so we work within the eBay marketplace to sell the product as subprime stock with a discount.

As a business, we specialise in offering a responsible choice by selling footwear that wasn’t deemed good enough to be sold as prime stock.

SoleResponsibility are changing the perception of subprime stock as well as consumer habits by offering the ethically responsible option of buying prime retail, saving not only damage to the environment, but saving the customer money, too.

At SoleResponsbility we are making sure that our business is run on the right core values. From the ground up it is important that we not only ‘give seconds a second chance’, but that we show transparency and honesty as a business in everything that we do.


Our aim is to start making a difference in the footwear marketplace. We know change won’t happen overnight, but small steps in the right direction will add up to big industry changes in time.

Recycling footwear is not an easy thing to do and is a relatively new concept. With some pieces of footwear containing over 40 separate pieces of material, it can be difficult to undertake.

We want to raise awareness with large retailers and brands that the option to responsibly resell stock does exist, that it doesn’t have to end up in landfill – we can give footwear a second chance at life.

We know it will take time to change perceptions of a lower grade of footwear and that it isn’t the norm to buy footwear with damage – but together, we need to look deeper into our buying habits to realise that we’re not just buying a slightly scuffed shoe – we are making a huge difference.

Our professional team take all grades of footwear and ready it for sale in an honest and transparent way, providing you with footwear at an affordable price, while reducing the environmental impact of the production of these shoes.


We made the change to fully recycled postage bags over two years ago to ensure that we are being as responsible as possible. We send all packaging to be recycled and we make sure minimal waste is produced


We are donating a large amount of outdoor boots to charities in and around the North of England. We are donating to those in need and the aim of the initiative is to keep as many dry feet as possible for the winter. In addition this also stops the product from hitting landfill

Boots on feet
SoleResponsibility charity work


We are acquiring and donating single shoes to charities who need them. We have already donated to the England Amputee Football team and will be making more grounds into different charities. Again this is stopping the footwear from going into incineration.