Clean & refresh – A step by step guide to clean your sneakers

An important part of the individual sustainability journey is to look after what you already have. Although something as a clean on your favourite shoe can seen a bit on the daunting side to ensure that the footwear is cleaned correctly. Below is a 14 point plan to keeping your sneaker fresh and extending the life of the product. You will need :-

  • Steamer (handheld)
  • Trainer Brush
  • Copper suede brush
  • Warm water & Fairy liquid (Cleaning solution)

Once you have your tools to hand, follow these simple steps below;

1. Remove the laces from your sneakers

2. Steam and brush

3. Let dry

4. Steam and brush again

5. Mix some fairy liquid in warm water (go easy on the fairy liquid)

6. Brush well over all trainers, dapping as you do each section to remove fairy liquid bubbles (you don’t want them drying on)

7. Let dry

8. Repeat step 6

9. Let dry

10. Repeat step 6

11. Let dry

12. Steam and brush

13. Let dry

14. Recap step 6 through to 12 with copper suede brush

Follow these simple steps to make take your sneakers back to factory fresh condition.