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As the high street makes a comeback, how we shop has had to change, with social distancing and safety measures making the old leisurely browse through the clothes rack and jostling through crowds for a must-have item a thing of the past. More and more, the prospect of shopping online is more appealing…

Businessman Simon Payne to give every rough sleeper in Greater Manchester a winter coat by Christmas


A businessman has promised to give every rough sleeper in Greater Manchester a winter coat by Christmas.

Simon Payne, founder of Sole Responsibility, will give 600 winter coats and jackets worth more than £15,000 to homeless people in the city region after growing numbers of people found themselves homeless or in poverty due to the pandemic.

He has joined forces with charity support worker, John Shaw, who provides on the ground support to Greater Manchester’s network of hostels, street kitchens and asylum seeker support groups to urgently get the clothing to people who need it most.

What clothing firms should do with returned and damaged stock this winter

Yorkshire Post

Clothing retailers and manufacturers should reconsider how they deal with seconds and returned stock this winter and donate it to the homeless and those in need, according to the founder of a business specialising in selling seconds and returned clothing. Simon Payne, founder of Halifax-based Sole Responsibility, says this winter the business has noticed an increase in demand for support as the social and economic impact of the pandemic takes its toll.
Sole Responsibility worked with multiple charities across Yorkshire to donate boots to homeless and people living in poverty in October with more than £25,000 worth of stock distributed to people in need in Yorkshire and the North West.

Halifax shoe boss urges big firms to get returned or damaged stock to homeless

Hebden Bridge Times

Simon Payne from Halifax is founder of Sole Responsibility – a business which buys seconds, returned and damaged branded shoes and clothing from some of the UK’s leading retailers – all of which would have been destined for landfill or incineration.

Mr Payne is urging footwear and clothing retailers and manufacturers to consider how they are dealing with seconds and returned stock this winter by donating it to the homeless and those in need following a huge increase in people living in poverty due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I want to ensure every person living on the streets of MCR has a winter coat by Christmas”

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A businessman has pledged 600 winter coats and jackets, worth more than £15,000, to homeless people in Greater Manchester – vowing that every rough sleeper in the city and surrounding areas will have a coat by Christmas.