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Yorkshire Eco-Business Shortlisted For Two Prestigious Awards

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Simon Payne, founder of Halifax-based Sole Responsibility, has been recognised for his entrepreneurial acumen and pursuit of a more sustainable future for the fashion industry, with shortlistings in two national award schemes. Sole Responsibility, a re-sale business

which sells seconds and subprime trainers and footwear that would otherwise be sent to landfill, has been shortlisted in the fashion category of the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards – amongst household names including Vinted.

The new website where you can save up to 60% off on Adidas and Nike trainers


Bargain hunters and eco conscious fans rejoice – as we’ve found a shoe store that combines both – now that’s a win win.

Family run business SoleResponsibility has just come onto our radar, and we just couldn’t not share it with you. Their ethos? They re-sell trainers that have very slight imperfections, including well known brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance for 60% less than they would in store.

These discounted shoes would have previously ended up in the landfill, but now they’re available to buy with such slight imperfections on their website, nobody would ever know the difference.

JD Sports affiliation

JD Sports partners with footwear resale firm

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British apparel retailer JD Sports has partnered with footwear resale firm Sole Responsibility to mitigate the volume of shoes going to landfill by giving them a new life.

Huddersfield-based Sole Responsibility accepts returned, subprime and otherwise unwanted footwear, cleans and repairs them and sells them via an eBay channel. 

For JD, it’s an opportunity to mitigate the environmental impact of its operations by outsourcing the end-of-life management of the shoes it sells.
JD Sports links with Sole Responsibility for trainer resale

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UK athletic sportswear retail giant JD Sports has signed Sole Responsibility as an official sustainability partner. And the reason is very clear. The Huddersfield-based resale business has, so far, saved more than 60,000 pairs of branded trainers from landfill or incineration.

JD Sports affiliation


A family-run company has developed an innovative model for reducing fashion waste

Spotted: It’s no secret that the fashion industry produces huge amounts of waste each year. One reason is that returned and seconds stock often ends up incinerated or thrown away because they can’t be sold. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 300 million pairs of footwear alone are thrown away each year.

Now, a small British company is working to reduce this footwear mountain. Their company, Sole Responsibility, sells only seconds or out of season shoe stock from big-name retailers, all of which were slated for destruction or the landfill.

SUN SAVERS Save your pocket and the planet on Earth Day with nearly new shoes

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Sole Responsibility sells quality second-hand and ex-display footwear and trainers from top brands, at /soleresponsibility.

I asked the firm’s owner, Simon Payne, for his tips on nearly-new shoes . . .  

CHECK THE DETAILS: Simon says: “All the footwear we sell is seconds, returned or ex-display stock that retailers are unable to offer as new in store or online.

“We save the product and sell you brands like Adidas, Nike and Converse at a discount.

“They are high-quality products that are perfectly wearable and will stand the test of time, but they may have some small marks or discolouration — all labelled and photographed on the descriptions of the products we sell.”

Huddersfield business puts best foot forward to become a JD Sports sustainability partner

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A Huddersfield-based business which has saved more than 60,000 pairs of branded trainers from landfill or incineration has been named an official sustainability partner of JD Sports.

Launched in 2015 Sole Responsibility is a circular economy business which has grown 40 per cent year on year and now employs ten staff.

It buys branded subprime, returned and seconds trainers and clothing destined for disposal – re-selling it to consumers via an eBay shopfront.

As an official partner of JD Sports, Sole Responsibility sells the retailer’s end of line or slightly damaged trainers via its eBay site – providing the retailer with a sustainable solution…

30 Second Interview: How this sustainable fashion company saved 60,000 pairs of trainers from incineration


Sole Responsibility sells high quality seconds or out of season shoe stock from big name retailers that would have normally been incinerated or sent to landfill.

Sole Responsibility, is a sustainable fashion company founded by Simon Payne and his wife Helen. The firm sells high quality seconds or out of season shoe stock…
Simon Payne SoleResponsiblity

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As the high street makes a comeback, how we shop has had to change, with social distancing and safety measures making the old leisurely browse through the clothes rack and jostling through crowds for a must-have item a thing of the past. More and more, the prospect of shopping online is more appealing…

Businessman Simon Payne to give every rough sleeper in Greater Manchester a winter coat by Christmas


A businessman has promised to give every rough sleeper in Greater Manchester a winter coat by Christmas.

Simon Payne, founder of Sole Responsibility, will give 600 winter coats and jackets worth more than £15,000 to homeless people in the city region after growing numbers of people found themselves homeless or in poverty due to the pandemic.

He has joined forces with charity support worker, John Shaw, who provides on the ground support to Greater Manchester’s network of hostels, street kitchens and asylum seeker support groups to urgently get the clothing to people who need it most.

SoleResponsibility charity work
What clothing firms should do with returned and damaged stock this winter

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Clothing retailers and manufacturers should reconsider how they deal with seconds and returned stock this winter and donate it to the homeless and those in need, according to the founder of a business specialising in selling seconds and returned clothing. Simon Payne, founder of Halifax-based Sole Responsibility, says this winter the business has noticed an increase in demand for support as the social and economic impact of the pandemic takes its toll.
Sole Responsibility worked with multiple charities across Yorkshire to donate boots to homeless and people living in poverty in October with more than £25,000 worth of stock distributed to people in need in Yorkshire and the North West.

Halifax shoe boss urges big firms to get returned or damaged stock to homeless

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Simon Payne from Halifax is founder of Sole Responsibility – a business which buys seconds, returned and damaged branded shoes and clothing from some of the UK’s leading retailers – all of which would have been destined for landfill or incineration.

Mr Payne is urging footwear and clothing retailers and manufacturers to consider how they are dealing with seconds and returned stock this winter by donating it to the homeless and those in need following a huge increase in people living in poverty due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

SoleResponsibility charity work
SoleResponsibility charity work
“I want to ensure every person living on the streets of MCR has a winter coat by Christmas”

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A businessman has pledged 600 winter coats and jackets, worth more than £15,000, to homeless people in Greater Manchester – vowing that every rough sleeper in the city and surrounding areas will have a coat by Christmas.

Saving Money & The Planet With Trainers That Cost a Lot Less

Good Life Liverpool

Simon Payne is selling trainers from big brands like Nike, Adidas and New Balance at a fraction of the cost. He has given more than 60,000 pairs of trainers a second chance by saving them from landfill or incineration.

The UK’s best kept eBay secret that your feet will thank you for shopping sustainably shouldn’t have to cost the earth and now trainer fans can get their brand fix, whilst helping to protect the planet.