We acknowledge the 17 goals of the United Nations SDG and Sole Responsibility are proud to be contributing to four of the 17 goals by the very nature of our business.

Our aim for 2022 is to work harder than ever and achieve Goal 15.

1.        End poverty in all of its forms

We work with all charities ensuring that we include some of the most vulnerable in our society. Making a start on tackling clothing poverty in the North of England by donating key items of clothing to those who are unable to purchase it through the normal means. Helping with clothing poverty ensures that those vulnerable people on low incomes are able to direct what resources are available to them on food and shelter first.

8.       Decent work and economic growth

We actively work with problems and give solutions. As the world enters a global recession and the fashion industry has been openly criticized for not keeping on top of the growth from a responsible perspective, we openly and actively work with retailers and suppliers to resell ex-display, returns and damaged stock. Our business model has been setup to ensure that we have a responsible end to the garments and item of footwear that are no longer saleable.

11.       Sustainable cities and communities

Ensuring that in the short term we help within our local community. Sole Responsibility have recently run a ‘boots on feet’ initiative. We have donated over 1200 boots to the homeless within Manchester ensuring that those left on the street have a warm footwear for the winter. We have also donated over 600 jacket ensuring that those who cannot afford clothing item are kept warm.

12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

As a business we are looking to make the right choices when it comes to consumption of materials. We ensure that all cardboard is recycled locally, we make a responsible choice on packaging that the sustainable option is selected every time. Our focus on reducing waste generation will be aligned with the 2030 goal. Working with second footwear and clothing is helping the fashion industry to achieve their goals in creating a circular economy.